Successful Kick-Off

Press Conference for the Central Migration Museum

On April 20, 2015, we hosted a large press conference to kick off the drive for a central Migration Museum in Germany. The prominent guests included former Bundestag President and project patron Prof. Dr. Rita Süssmuth, as well as Guntram Schneider, Minister für Labor, Integration and Social Affairs of the Province North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW), who expressed her support for the project.

In addition, Harry Kurt Voigtsberger, President of the NRW- Stiftung Natur - Heimat – Kultur (NRW Foundation Nature – Home – Culture) and Priya Bathe, journalist and member of the Neue Deutsche Medienmacher (New German Media Makers) participated as panel members and emphasized their support of our proposition. Harry Kurt Voigtsberger announced that the NRW-Stiftung will cover a share of the costs of the implementation study. He presented DOMiD-Board Member Ahmet Sezer with an official notice of sponsorship, which was met with applause by the assembled guests. Rita Süssmuth pointed to the importance of a central Migration Museum as a place of lived Culture of Welcome and collective democratic identity: "DOMiD has taken the first steps toward the erection of this Migration Museum. I support this plan wholeheartedly." Guntram Schneider highlighted the immigration history in North Rheine-Westphalia, which spans more than 150 years, and spoke for the realization of the central Migration Museum in NRW. Priya Bathe assured us the support of the Neue Deutsche Medienmacher.

DOMiD-Director Arns Kolb and Dr. Robert Fuchs, Project Manager of the planned Migration Museum, presented the assembled media representatives our concept for a central Migration Museum. Numerous Journalists, including representatives of WDR (West German Radio Broadcasting), Focus and Deutsche Welle, gathered to report on the project. Every seat in our conference room was filled. Arnd Kolb emphasized: "The intent is not to tell immigrant history, but immigration history. Thus, not an isolated history that only pertains to immigrants, but what it truly is: German History."

Following the press conference, Arnd Kolb led the panel members, guests and media representatives through the DOMiD's archives, presenting some highlights of our collection. In addition, journalists were given an opportunity to carry out interviews and background conversations, which many actively used.

We are very pleased that so many press representatives accepted our invitation and reported about our project on all channels. April 20 marks the completion of the initiating phase, as we begin – full of anticipation – the implementation of the project of a central Migration Museum in Germany.

Below you will find German media reports about us:


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Photo: Paulo dos Santos

From left to right: Harry Kurt Voigtsberger (NRW-Stiftung), Dr. Ali Kemal Gün (DOMiD), Andrea Asch (MdL), Guntram Schneider (MAIS), Arnd Kolb (DOMiD), Dr. Robert Fuchs (DOMiD), Prof. Dr. Rita Süssmuth