SILA YOLU (The Road Home) - Holiday Transit to Turkey and Stories of the Highway

An audio-visual installation on the road to Istanbul

Autoput, “street of death,” “the road home” (sıla yolu) – the former “guest worker route” between Berlin, Munich, and Istanbul has had many names. Still today, the stretch remains highly frequented, above all by those traveling to Turkey. Concurrently, the reverse direction constitutes the so-called West Balkan Route, which many refugees have used in recent years in order to reach western and northern Europe.

The collective exhibition project of the cooperation partners bi’bak and DOMiD, “Sıla Yolu – Holiday Transit to Turkey and Stories of the Highway” address all facets of the famed highway route E5 between Germany and Turkey: the project involves not only the physical route between two places but also the complex realm of emotions. To prepare for the exhibition, artists Malve Lippmann and Can Sungu traveled along the E5 route toward Turkey. They collected authentic film and image material and interviewed fellow travelers.

The intercultural project space bi’bak presented an audio-visual installation about the transit stretch and its intertwined histories, fears, and hopes. Built into a Ford Transit, the mobile exhibition was stationed in various locations in Berlin between September 23 and October 9, 2016 and is now on its way to the exhibition space Depot in Istanbul. Further information is available at:

Additionally, a corresponding publication of academic and literary texts and vivid images will be released. This publication, as the exhibition, will include historical archival material, above all photographs, from the DOMiD archive.

bi’bak (türkisch: “come look”)
bi’bak is a registered non-profit association and manages a project space in Berlin-Wedding.

Photo ©DOMiD Archive