The Virtual Migration Museum

A Unique Project

DOMiD is planning the development of a virtual museum for migration. The museum will demonstrate how migration has shaped our everyday lives – but not only in an abstract way. It will answer concrete questions: Why were the Italians the first „guest workers“ („Gastarbeiter“)? How long has Döner kebab existed? Why are there so many Japanese immigrants in Düsseldorf? What problems do refugees face today? Our objects and their owners recount the fascinating history of immigration to Germany.

We want to create a museum that imparts knowledge in an exciting and entertaining way. Our team has already taken the first steps on the path to this museum. It is an adventure, a challenge, which we can only complete with the help of different partners and supporters. Anyone who is interesed can take part in this project and support us with ideas or materials.

Are you interested in the Virtual Migration Museum? On our blog, you can learn more about the concept and watch the trailer.