School Program: "DOMiD macht Schule"

01.01.2014 - 31.07.2014

The pilot project "DOMiD macht Schule" was realised by DOMiD together with the Käthe-Kollwitz-Comprehensive School (Gesamtschule) in Leverkusen. The basis for the cooperation was the educational partnership within the grant program "Archive and School" from NRW's State Ministry for Family, Children, Youths, Culture and Sport.

One result of the project is a collection of material that can be used as a basis for the topic "German migration history" in school work. The material is especially suited for the subject of history in secondary schools and sixth form. However, selected topics can also be used in other subjects such as Sociology, Politics, Ethics, Geography, Practical Philosophy, R.E., and German or for an interdisciplinary approach.

Pupils Get to Know Archival Work

This project was special because it gave pupils the opportunity to work with different materials from the DOMiD collection. This included photos, documents, video and audio recordings, contemporary witness interviews, newspaper articles and other objects. This approach made the topic of migration tangible and history was conveyed in an exciting and unusual way. Moreover the project enabled the pupils to get to know the archive as a historical inventory and offered an insight into archival work: Pupils had the opportunity to participate in a tour of our archives and depots.

Own Exhibition about Migration History in Leverkusen

As a follow up from the workshop with DOMiD the pupils from sixth form organised an exhibition. It only showed exhibits, photographs and contemporary witness interviews that the pupils had researched or carried out themselves. Through this exhibition more pupils at the school could be reached.

The project enabled a sensitisation towards the topic of migration history which is undoubtedly a part of Germany's history. It also encouraged a more empathetic and responsible interaction between fellow human beings. Pupils with migration history were strengthened in finding their identity. 

It was the first visit to an archive for the pupils of the Käthe-Kollwitz-Comprehensive School. The pupils experienced the visit as especially inspiring and authentic. The cooperation with the school worked very well therefore further projects together are being planned.

Photo: Bengü Kocatürk Schuster, DOMiD Archive