Dr. Afarid: DOMiD Supports Film Project

02.05.2014 |

Dr. Afarid is a captivating medical/family series, which explores the subject of asylum-seekers in Germany. Dr. Afraid, an Iranian doctor, wishes to practice medicine in Germany – an ambition, which proves to be quite problematic. The series seeks to raise public awareness of migrants in Germany and to show how life as an asylum-seeker in Germany can be.

Producer Martin Rohé and Screenwriter Jan Galli have created a multifaceted main character in Omid Afarid, an asylum-seeker who has fled Iran. In his homeland, he was a well-respected surgeon, but in Germany he is unemployed. In response, he sets up a medical practice in the kitchen of the asylum-seekers' home in which he must live and begins to treat fellow refugees.

The cast includes several prominent actors, such as Benno Fürmann (North Face, orig. Nordwand), August Schmölzer (Schindler's List), Prashant Prabhakar (Stromberg), Burak Yigit (Closer Than Blood, orig. Bis aufs Blut- Brüder auf Bewährung) and Mehdi Nebbou (Munich). DOMiD has been supporting this unique project for some time with our topical expertise, our advice and our inventory. On May 2, filming of the series pilot began in Ludwigsburg.