DOMiD cooperates with the University Gießen

Since November 2014

The Centre for Media and Interactivity at the Justus-Liebig-University Gießen is running the project "Overcoming distance barriers by staying connected: Digital togetherness in a migration society". The communication between migrants with their familiy in the region of origin is examined. There has always been communication across borders, yet it has changed considerably over time. The project aims to document and investigate these changes.

The ZMI collects objects and stories from people who have lived or still do live separately from their families. This lead to the creation of the internet portal Via this digital exhibtion - which is funded by the Federal Ministry for Education and Research - people can exchange their experiences with others and present their personal objects. DOMiD supports the project with historical objects and interviews. When the project ends a part of the newly collected data, interviews and objects will be transferred to DOMiD's archive, where they will be stored permanently.

If you feel adressed and would like to contribute towards the project with your personal experience you can find more information here. The ZMI would be pleased if you get in touch.

Conference: Media - Education - Migration

On the 30. January 2015 there will be a conference in Gießen titled "Media - Education - Migration". The online portal and an interactive learning path designed for schools about the topic of media and migration will be presented.

Our colleague Dr. Robert Fuchs, who will present DOMiD and the Virtual Migration Museum, as well as numerous other scienties will particpate. More information and a link to the registration (the deadline is 23. January 2015) is available in the invitation flyer: