Dokumentation-project: "Perspectives"

15.07.2015 |

Currently, millions are trying to escape war, poverty and oppresion. Germany is a destination numerous refugees in danger. "Perspectives" is a further DOMiD project that lends itself to the topic of escape and asylum. It lends context to the archetectual and agricultural elements of the newly found environment, for refugees.  

Through his portraits, Paulo dos Santos gives refugees a face and documents their everyday living conditions. To do so, he works with the newest forms of documentary and commentary-photography. The goal of the project is to gather an encompassing collection of photos, that portray the current refugee movement in Germany. Many memorable photos have already been collected. The results will be displayed in an exposition in the near future.

Paulp dos Santos studied visual communications and Photo/Film Design at the Bielefeld University of Applied Sciences, and the School of Visual Arts, New York, USA. He is a lecturer at the free Photo University in Stuttgart, and lives and works in Cologne.

Picture: Paulo dos Santos