App Project: Anti-Racist Walking Tour in Cologne Mülheim

02.12.2013 |

DOMiD has entered into a cooperative partnership with the German Trade Union Confederation Youth of North-Rhine Westphalia (DGB-Jugend-NRW) and the Hölderlin Secondary School (Gymnasium) in Cologne Mülheim. This collaborative constellation has resulted in a mobile app. The app allows visitors to explore Cologne Mülheim through a digital guided tour, during which they can learn more about the neighborhood's history regarding migration and racism.

The initial results of the anti-racist walking tour project were presented on May 21 at the conference "Education Partners: Memorial Sites and Schools. Remember for the Future" of the Rhineland Regional Association Center for Media and Education (LVR-Zentrum für Medien und Bildung). It is part of the DGB-Jugend project “Get Outraged, Get Involved” (“Empört Euch, engagiert Euch”).

DOMiD has taken on the role of an academic advisory board and instructed the students in a workshop course. You can find out more about the app here (in German).

Links (in German):
DGB-Jugend-NRW (Facebook)
Hölderlin Gymnasium