The Virtual Migration Museum

A Unique Project

DOMiD is planning the development of a virtual migration museum. Over 1,000 objects, photos, videos and interviews, but no glass cases, no preset path. Instead: an animated city and the chance to travel through time and experience the challenges and opportunities of migration online.

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School Program: "DOMiD macht Schule"

01.01.2014 - 31.07.2014

The educational program "DOMiD macht Schule" is a joint project between DOMiD and the Käthe-Kollwitz Comprehensive School (Gesamtschule) in Leverkusen. The program goals are to sensitize teachers and pupils to the topic of migration and to teach migration history and intercultural skills.

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App Project: Anti-Racist Walking Tour in Cologne Mülheim


DOMiD is working together with the DGB-Jugend-NRW and the Hölderlin-Gymnasium in Cologne Mülheim on a mobile app.

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50 Years of Immigration from Morocco

May to July 2013

Fifty years after the signing of the German-Moroccan Labor Recruitment Agreement ("deutsch-marokkanisches Anwerbeabkommen"), the milestone anniversary provided an opportunity for reflection.

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Documentation Profile

Since April 2013
01.04.2013 | NRW

Nearly one fourth of all individuals in North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW) have a migration background. It's time for archives to consider how to more accurately reflect the diverse realities of life today. Since April 2013, DOMiD has been developing a documentation profile to aid in this process.

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