Dokumentation-project: "Perspectives"


"Perspectives" is a further DOMiD project that lends itself to the topic of escape and asylum. It lends context to the archetectual and agricultural elements of the newly found environment, for refugees. Through his portraits, Paulo dos Santos gives refugees a face.


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From Kuzorra to Özil

Since Juni 2013
01.06.2015 | Zeche Hannover, Bochum

DOMiD is presently working together with exhibition organizers Daniel Huhn and Stefan Metzger, as well as the LWL Industrial Museum Zeche Hannover in Bochum, to develop an exhibition on the topic "Football and Migration."

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Refugees? Humans!

Project: Escape and Asylum

DOMiDs current Project, "Refugees?Humans!" deals with the current theme of Refugees and those seeking Asylum. A focus has been put upon Interviews and Photografs of Refugees in Ludwigshafen.

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DOMiD cooperates with the University Gießen

Since November 2014

A project from the University Gießen examines the communication of migrants who live separately from their families in the region of origin. As a partner DOMiD contributes objects and interviews.

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Dr. Afarid: DOMiD Supports Film Project


Dr. Afarid is a captivating medical/family series, which explores the subject of asylum-seekers in Germany. Dr. Afraid, an Iranian doctor, wishes to practice medicine in Germany – an ambition, which proves to be quite problematic.

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