Organizational Structure

DOMiD is a politically and ideologically neutral nonprofit organization. Membership is open to all interested parties. Our work is funded through membership dues, donations, sponsorships and project grants from public and private institutions. You can find a copy of our charter (in German) here.


The General Assembly of Members and the Executive Board

The General Assembly of Members is the highest-ranking body in the organization. It convenes at least once a year.

The General Assembly of Members elects the Executive Board. The present members of the Executive Board are Tevfik Aslan, Norbert Brünen, Murad Bayraktar, Elif Senel, Jens Grimmelijkhuizen, Dr. Ali Kemal Gün and Ahmet Sezer. The speakers of the Executive Board are Dr. Ali Kemal Gün, Jens Grimmelijkhuizen and Ahmet Sezer.