Milestone for DOMiD!

On the 28th and 29th August, DOMiD participated in the "Open-Door" Day of the German Federal Government

On the 29th and 30th of August, DOMiD was part of the "Doors-Open" Days of the German Federal Government. We were proud to occupy a spot right next to Aydan Özoğuz, State Minister for Migration, Refugees and Integration. We were able to share our future plans for a central Museum of Migration with Ms. Özoğuz, and show her the depth of our collection of artefacts. For DOMiD, the invitation is a hige milestone, and shows the importance of DOMiD as an actor in the presentation of Migration, as well as the importance with which  the topic is regarded, concerning the future.

Ms. Özoğuz took her time while observing our artefacts, and listened to the stories of the people behind them. Numerous visitors also came to see our exhibition. Our board members Ahmet Sezer, Klaus Köster and Jens Grimmelijkhuizen as well as our general manager Arnd Kolb, and Project Leader Dr. Robert Fuchs enjoyed answering questions and introducing DOMiD to the public.

We are pleased with the positive response and our thanks go out to Aydan Özoğuz and her team for the great work!

Photo: Bundesregierung/Bilan