Finding Aids

DOMiD's Finding Aids Online

Since January 2010, DOMiD has been working to make the unregistered parts of our collections available. This endeavor is made possible through the support of the Ministry of Employment, Integration and Social Affairs and the Ministry of Family, Children, Youth, Culture and Sport of the province North Rhine-Westphalia. The results will be published in the form of online finding aids (Findbücher). Finding aids offer users a list of archival materials and often provide background information (source, length) for the entries. They greatly facilitate the initial steps for interested researchers. The DOMiD finding aids are maintained at the web portal "Archive in NRW" and here on our website.


Finding Aids in Chronological Order

Yvette Westphalen developed the 2010/11 finding aid entitled "Institutions and Persons Collection" ("Institution- und Personenbestände"). It encompasses the archival objects, documents and literature of 17 donors and institutions. In 2012, Bettina Just assembled DOMiD's photograph inventory under the title "Photo Collection" ("Fotosammlung"). In 2013, Beate Rieple compiled the "Audiovisual Media" finding aid ("Audiovisuelle Medien"). Also in 2013, Bettina Just completed the "Gray Literature" finding aid ("Graue Literatur"), in which she registered our inventory of so-called "gray literature documents" in German and Turkish, as well electronic full text documents.


DOMiD's finding aids are available for download (in German).