Virtual Exhibition "Routes of Migration"

Original Title: "Route der Migration" (Since 2007)

The website "Routes of Migration" retraces paths of immigrants and emigrants on a map of present-day North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW). In doing so, it marks different "places of memory" in NRW, a province which has been uniquely shaped by migration.

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Project Migration

Original Title: "Projekt Migration" (2006)
30.09.2005 to 15.01.2006
| Cologne

An innovative flagship project: between 2002 and 2006, DOMiD was one of four partners in "Project Migration." The project comprised a variety of research projects, art works, events and film programs. The assorted activities focused on the history of labor migration since the 1950s and the accompanying social changes.

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Photo Exhibition: "Divided Memories / Shared Memories"

Original Title: "Geteilte Erinnerungen" (Travelling Exhibition)

This collection of 33 mounted black-and-white photographs provides insight into the work and living environments of the so-called "guest workers." The images are particularly thought-provoking, because they relay history from the migrants' perspective, often bringing hidden aspects to light. The exhibition is available for loan, upon request.

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Virtual Exhibition "We’ve Arrived… Cologne-Deutz Train Station. Migration Stories over 40 Years"

Original Title: "Angekommen... Bahnhof Köln-Deutz. Migrantengeschichten aus 40 Jahren" (Since 2004)

The website "We've Arrived… Cologne-Deutz Train Station. Migration Stories over 40 Years" is dedicated to the history of Spanish and Portuguese "guest workers," who began arriving at the Cologne-Deutz train station in the 1960s.

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40 Years: Foreign Home. Turkish Immigration to Cologne.

Original Title: "40 Jahre Fremde Heimat. Einwanderung aus der Türkei nach Köln" (2001)
27.10.2001 to 23.11.2001
| Cologne

To mark the 40th anniversary of the German-Turkish labor recruitment agreement (deutsch-türkisches Anwerbeabkommen) in 2001, DOMiD presented an exhibition on the history of Turkish immigration to Cologne.

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