Documents and Photos

DOMiD's archive holds a unique collection of documents and photos.


Collection of Written Sources

Foto: DOMiD-Archiv

Our collection of written sources primarily includes documentation of the labor recruitment, work and living situations, labor union activities, political participation, associations, cultural activities, religious practices, and the cultivation of traditions. Typical materials found in our archive include official records, correspondence, personal documents, various forms of identification, employment contracts from the 1960s and 1970s, internal reports, journals, travelogues, dormitory regulations and flyers.


Our Photo Archive

DOMiDs' photo archive consists of photographs from private lenders, donors and professional photographers. The private shots in particular provide unparalleled insight into the lives of immigrants. They aid our understanding of migration by presenting aspects of everyday life, such as living situations, clubs and societies, leisure and culture, as well as political participation and protest.

Professional photographs and series on the topic of migration complement our inventory. For example, we hold works from Eugen Jäger, Selahattin Kaya, Ernst Kirschner, Alfred Koch, Kemal Kurt, Claudia C. Lorenz, Jean Mohr, Jan-Erik Ouwerkerk and Hans-Joachim Weber.


Foto: Dietrich Hackenberg


Over 8000 photographs are presently accessible in our searchable photo database. Researchers and journalists use our photo archive for their publications. Museums access our inventory for exhibitions. Independent artists and commercial users, such as film producers, find inspiration and insight for their projects in the broad spectrum of materials we have available.

Additionally, DOMiD's photo archive includes various types of posters. Our repository contains posters featuring political and religious messages, advertisements and announcements for cultural events. Furthermore, we have scores of cassette and LP covers, especially from the Cologne-based music label "Türküola."

Do you have photos or documents, like those described above, that you'd like to permanently conserve? We would be glad to help. Please, feel free to contact us.



Photos: DOMiD Archive; Dietrich Hackenberg