Collection of Objects

In the course of our collection efforts, DOMiD has accumulated a diverse inventory of three-dimensional objects. Our repository is home to everyday objects, furnishings from labor migrant dormitories, clothing, devotional objects and migrants' keepsakes from home. The object lenders help bring history to life through their accounts of the objects' origins and importance.


Documenting Objects

The careful documentation of these objects is crucial. Often the backstory of an object is the key to understanding its significance. Proper documentation can transform a seemingly ordinary object into the manifestation of a historical phenomenon. Our collection recounts migration history with the help of such objects, whose historical value is first revealed through contextualization.


Foto: DOMiD-Archiv

Object Diversity

A wide range of three-dimensional objects make up our collection. For example, the cash register from an Italian grocery is one particular highlight of our archive. The grocery was opened as a corner store in 1971. You can find more treasures from our collection on our Highlighted Exhibits page.




Do you have an object that tells a story that you'd like to permanently conserve? Please, feel free to contact us.



Photo: DOMiD Archive