Photo Exhibition: "Lasting Images"

Original Title: "Bilder - die bleiben" (2011)

The 20 black-and-white photos in this exhibition were specially selected from the larger collection of photographer Guenay Ulutuncok's works, which DOMiD acquired in 2011.

Guenay Ulutuncok was born in Istanbul in 1954. He has lived in the Federal Republic of Germany since 1974 and presently resides in Cologne. Ulutuncok quickly made a name for himself as a photojournalist and co-founder of the photo agency "laif." Between 1979 and 1994, he cultivated an extensive collection of photos documenting migration history. Several of his photos have been published in major print media outlets. Some are already counted among the defining images in the collective memory of the Federal Republic of Germany.

In addition to their importance as historical documentation, Ulutuncok's photos have a high level of artistic value. The images feature migrants who decided to remain in Germany.



Photo: G. Ulutuncok, Foreign Laborers at the FORD Plant, Cologne 1985, DOMiD Archive