Photo Exhibition: "Divided Memories / Shared Memories"

Original Title: "Geteilte Erinnerungen" (Travelling Exhibition)

The photo exhibition "Divided Memories / Shared Memories" ("Geteilte Erinnerungen") provides insight into the work and living environments of the first generation migrants. The 35 photo and text panels document their path, from the first contact with the Foreign Bureau of the German Federal Labor Office and the immigration journey to life in Germany. The photos in the exhibition were drawn from the collections of private lenders and donors, as well as professional photographers.

Not only do the images portray the "guest workers" at work in factories, workshops and hospitals. They also deliver a look inside the migrants' lives "after quitting time." Exhibition visitors see the migrants simply as people listening to music in their dormitory rooms, attending German class, dancing, shopping, or playing football (soccer). In this way, the "divided" memories of migrants and non-migrants become "shared."

This exhibition is available for loan for a fee. Please feel free to contact us for more information.


Photo: Picknick in the Park, DOMiD Archive