Photo Exhibition: "And so it began…"

Original Title: "So fing es an..." (Travelling Exhibition)

This traveling exhibition of 32 black-and-white photographs depicts the different stages of immigration that "guest workers" and their families encountered: from the recruitment of laborers to everyday work and living situations in Germany.

Most of the images depict the daily lives of migrants in the factory, in the dormitory or during their free time. However, the collection also includes photos documenting special events, such as the presentation of a gold record to Yüksel Özkasap, the so-called "nightingale of Cologne," a singer who became popular in Germany.

This exhibition is available for loan, for a fee. Please feel free to contact us for more information.


Photo: Bidding Farewell at the Istanbul-Sirkici Train Station, 1963, Jean Mohr, DOMiD Archive