Divided Home / Shared Home

Original Title: "Geteilte Heimat – Paylaşılan Yurt" (2011)

The exhibition "Divided Home / Shared Home. 50 Years of Migration from Turkey" was another milestone in DOMiD's history. It was shown in three German cities.

The exhibition marked the 50th anniversary of the German-Turkish labor recruitment agreement (deutsch-türkisches Anwerbeabkommen) in 2011. DOMiD designed the exhibition, which examined the history of immigration from Turkey to Germany through different perspectives. "Divided Home / Shared Home" was shown in Berlin, Düsseldorf and Cologne in late 2011. In Berlin, the exhibition was displayed in the German Historical Museum's special exhibition space, the adapted courtyard of that historic building (Schlüterhof des Zeughauses). Thus, migration history was shown in the center of German memory culture. The next step would be the inclusion of migration history into the permanent collection.



The first part of the exhibition was comprised of life-sized photo portraits. The portraits depict three generation of immigrant families in Germany: the "guest workers" who emigrated from Turkey, their children and their grandchildren (Portraits of 3 Generations). In the second part of the exhibition, 50 migration stories were recounted through photos, objects and documents from private lenders. Through those individual stories, the exhibition illustrated successes, as well as challenges.


The Exhibition Catalog

A descriptive exhibition catalog, published in hardcover by Klartext, accompanied the exhibition. It includes photographs, primary documents, academic essays and biographical texts. The catalog (in German) is available through DOMiD. For more information, please feel free to contact us.


Photo: DOMiD Archive